Sunday, March 7, 2010

a dog remembered - dedicated to buddy and starsky

A few friends have recently gone through the difficult task of letting go of canine loved one. My heart goes out to each of them...and I hope that many of the wonderful memories that they have of their time with these great dogs provides a bit of comfort to them over the next few weeks and months and years to come. I can't help but think of my own great dog when I hear about these sad passings....and, even though Sophie and I have much time together still, I have been thinking about how I will remember her.

When Sophie and I run into a familiar face in the dog park or on our favourite trail, we are often met with a comment like: "Oh I remember Sophie...she is so well trained!" or "I remember her because of that trick!" or "...because of those freckles!" And while I am glad that Sophie is bit of a memorable dog for all of these reasons, and while I will never forget these wonderful qualities of hers....this is not what I will remember the most when I think of her twenty years from now.

Through my photography, my writing and this blog I have documented all of our time together. Every adventure, every story, every emotion has been captured either with my camera or with my words. And I am so thankful for be able to have this story of us for the rest of my life. I didn't think about recording moments with my first cat, Cosmo, so I only have one or two photos of our short, but important, time together and I often regret that. And while I know that I will read and re-read this blog when Sophie is gone, and will study every photograph I have ever taken of her....this is not what I will remember the most when I think of her twenty years from now.

I have often written about dog love....this wonderful, powerful thing that these amazing creatures can bring into your life and light up the world with. And as much as I appreciate Sophie showing me the power of dog love....that is also not what I will remember the most when I think of her twenty years from now. What I will remember the most is my love for her. I will remember how this tiny presence opened up a part of my heart in a unique and unexpected way. I will remember how my love for her changed the way I saw the it changed me. My love for her will stay with me forever...and, beause of that, as long as I have breath in my lungs...she will be a dog remembered.