Friday, March 23, 2012

that's just me

I'm going to a work conference in May that will be attended by people from all over the world who work for my company (as well as our parent company).  As part of the prep for this conference, we have to complete a profile that will be posted in an e-team room so that your fellow attendees can get a sense of who you are before they get there.  The profile is supposed to be more personal and fun than about who you are at fact many of the questions you are asked to answer specify that your reply should not be about work (i.e proudest accomplishment).

I love these kinds of exercises because they can force you to think about aspects of your life that you have not really contemplated before.  I found out a few things about myself, such as when it came down to who was my role model and life, not just in work.....I had one very simple Dad.  What is my go-to-song to make me happy?  For better or worse, it's Breathe by Michelle Branch...everytime.  And I found out something else too.

Because I work for a pet industry company and the profile was supposed to be about me, not my work, I tried to leave out references to pets.  And found it to be impossible.  My favourite sound...Elora purring.  One of my proudest accomplishments....running a full agility course with Sophie.  Best advice I've ever been given....follow your heart and you will find true joy....advice I "got" from Sophie.  I simply could not fill out a profile about me without including Sophie and Elora...because they are part of who I am ....a big part.  It' s funny to think that just shy of a decade ago, I had never owned a dog or cat in my life....and now, I can't imagine a life without them.  Elora is not just my cat, but my touchstone...and Sophie is not just my dog, by my muse, my true north.  If you want to know almost have to start with them....and I think that's a wonderful and amazing thing.  But that's just me.