Saturday, May 15, 2010

in a word

Last night I watched my neighbour across the street pull his truck into his driveway and hop out with his dog...a wonderful, exceptionally well trained, german shorthaired pointer. He took a few minutes to sit on his front steps with his dog, rubbing his belly, and I could tell even from across the street, that for those few minutes, the rest of the world had ceased to exist for those two. It was one of those momements between dog and owner that always captivate me...that are difficult to describe in words but that I feel deep in my heart.

Dog owners know those momements that I am referring to....that feeling you have with your dog sometimes that swells up inside of you and can make you want to drop to your knees and thank the fates for bringing this precious creature into your life. The way we feel about our dogs (and cats) is different than how we feel about our families, our significant others, our kids....not better, not stronger, not lesser....just different. Our feelings for our dogs are pure and unrestrained.....we know there is no risk of betrayal, we do not need to be cautious...we feel for our dogs completely with our hearts as there is no need for our heads to get involved. I imagine this is also true, and likely amplified, for how parents feel about their children. I expect to feel that way about my kids (if I ever go down that path)....but I never expected to feel that way so strongly about a dog. And perhaps that unexpectedness is part of what makes those moments with our dogs so touching....I'm always still a little suprised every time I feel that swell of emotion. And I hope I always will be.

As I watched my neighbour and his own dog last night, while Sophie lay at my feet, I knew I wanted to write about it today and began searching for the right words to describe what that is between dog and owner that captivates me so. As I began to form eloquent phrases in my mind, I saw my neighbour hold his dog's head in both hands and bring his face close to his own. He looked into his dog's eyes and just grinned. At that momement, I mentally threw out my grandiose phrases....because what I saw, in a word, was love. Simple, unabashed, all encompassing, love. And it doesn't get any more grandiose or any more simple than that.

Friday, May 7, 2010

sophie and the city

(photos by Angie McKaig Photography)

Sophie and I had the opportunity to attend a media event that my company was hosting downtown Toronto. One of the reasons I love my job....Sophie can often be a part of it. It was her first visit into the big I am sure she won't forget.

I am always at my best when Sophie is by my side...and even though she was little out of her element in the middle of the cityscape, she still won the hearts of everyone who met her. I never tire of seeing Sophie's effect on always warms me to my core.

And while both of us are more comfortable on the's nice once in a while to glam it up a bit; to throw on a pair of heels and to feel the cool pavement of the city streets beneath the paws. We enjoyed our morning in the city....but we loved our evening running free on the trails.

Sophie and the city....she was fabulous. :)