Saturday, November 13, 2010

the mean cat

I’m going to say the thing that no cat owner should say: Elora, whom I love to my very core, is a mean cat. My 3 year old nephew, who knows his own cat’s name, who knows not only Sophie’s name, but all of her nicknames too, knows Elora simply as “The Mean Cat” –emphasis on the “The”. And it is the simple truth.

She was standoffish even as a kitten at 6 weeks old….the last of her litter waiting to be adopted at the shelter as her brothers and sisters were cuddly and affectionate while Elora sat in the corner staring at potential owners – even then with a cool gleam in her eye daring one of them to make the slightest move in her direction. But when I saw her I immediately took to her….attitude and all. Elora does all the things a mean cat should….she hisses at unfamiliar people in her house; she swats the hand that lingers on her fur a little too long; she has been known to give Sophie a perfect left jab -- followed by a fierce right hook, to her nose simply for walking by at too quick of a pace. She is wary of people, mildly tolerant of Sophie and lives with me on her own terms. She is the cat that I have to tuck into a bedroom when visitors come by, the cat that I have to apologize for to family members when a swat makes contact and….and she is the cat that I love.

My bond with Elora is just as strong as the one I have with Sophie. Although I too have received my share of warning strikes with a soft but firm paw, I have also received the kind of affection from her that you take notice of, that you remember…partly because it’s coming from a mean cat. She will cuddle with me on the couch, purring up a storm; she will play with a ball that I toss for her – like a kitten of 6 months; and she will weave between my feet as I make dinner in the kitchen, soft and warm, relishing in her contact with me. As much as I chose Elora that day in the shelter, she has chosen me back in return…as her human, her companion in this life. The love of a mean cat….it slips quietly in and finds a place deep in your heart and takes hold for life.


Bruce said...

Mean cats need love too:)
So glad you two found each other!
your other cat pal,

Hilary said...

Oh I had a mean one too.. quite fearful and that made her one mean feline. But yes, she was sweet and loving when she wanted to be.. and would revert as soon as she perceived (erroneously) that she'd been wronged. And I adored her. Give Elora a scratch behind the ears for me.. and then dart out of the way quickly to avoid a swat. ;)

Good to see you posting.

Far Side of Fifty said...

But she is a beautiful mean cat..or as I would rather say a cat with an attitude.
We had a cat just like her, Whiskers would trap unsuspecting people in the bathroom..just like a tiger..she would hiss and growl.
Since we raised her from birth without a mother..we all thought it was our fault...we all loved her for many years. She was our watch cat..cause we had to watch her around everyone:(

Eliza said...

Oh I have a mean kitty too, but I love her to death, I think she's bi polar :-)

Carolynn said...

She looks absolutely stunningly beautiful. And, she sounds like the cat I would have chosen, as well. Not for her meanness, but for the heart beating inside her chest that calls out for love & affection, maybe even more so for the tough exterior she presents to the world at large. Love returned from a creature like this is truly sweet. She is truly blessed to have been given a home with you where she is free to be herself and not suffer mistreatment as a result. Sounds like a match made in heaven.


Scout 'n Freyja said...

Mean cat or a cat with self-esteem issues☺

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Awwww, do you think that maybe Boo could be her cousin?

She is gorgeous, beautifully stunning, and obviously has the attitude to go with her beauty.

We are thinking that the Boo has multiple personalities. Sometimes he is loving, then he hates us, and only wants food....I m thinking about 4 different cat personalities.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Jackie said...

Beautiful photos! I feel like I can reach and touch the fluffiness. Just gorgeous!

Caren Gittleman said...

Your post was as exquisite as Elora is...her eyes are the most beautiful Emerald Green I have ever seen!
Sounds like she is Scarlett O'Hara in cat form!
I am your newest follower and am so happy to have found you!

Cat Chat

Jeanne said...

She's a beauty. The photos perfectly capture her essence.

meowmomma said...

reminds me of my Mombi ~ upon my second visit to the shelter seeking to adopt a black cat and seeing her there again I asked to visit with her in "the" room. no, you don't want her they said; she's very wild. i persisted. they were right. but i can change her with love i thought.

i eventually googled the word "wicked" for a name for her because of her teeth and claws... Mombi is actually a character in the wizard of oz! it was fate ~ i live in kansas.

three years now and she has settled and loves my hubster... the second female cat i've taken in to do so. pheromones? next cat will be a mellow fellow, i promise!

loved your blog about your beauty! wonderful photography of her also!

Jan said...

She is beautiful! Loved this post. I varsity for a mean cat. I have a video of him punching me.

Jan said...

Oh lord! My smartphone doesn't understand the word catsit. Sorry.

Murr Brewster said...

This reminds me of a friend who loved his 100% obnoxious Pekingese dog. There was no upside to this dog, but he loved it. I asked him how it was possible (dodging teeth). He just shrugged. "Anyone can love a lab..." he said.

L. D. Burgus said...

She wasn't last in the litter, she was just waiting for you. She is a beautiful cat and looks like a great companion.

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