Thursday, November 13, 2008


I heard from a friend today that he had lost his job and my heart went out to him. In a time when people are losing jobs, losing savings and security...losing a lot, I think it’s important to hang onto the smaller things. The things that cannot be taken away by forces beyond my the faint sound of a bird's song during my sister's wedding; the weight of my nephew in my arms; the vision of Sophie running with the wind as she herds sheep. These are the things that make me authentic.

I have been thinking a lot about authenticity...about how I can bring more of it into my life. It was a concept I had not even known existed until Sophie came into my life. A dog made me see differently and taught me to appreciate much of this life that I had taken for granted....the beauty of the world around me, having meaningful connections with people, the importance of living in the moment. A dog. Imagine that. A Bachelor degree, a Masters degree and my most valuable lessons have come from Sophie....the most authentic dog I know.

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