Sunday, November 23, 2008

i listened today

On our walk today, I listened. I closed my eyes and really listened. I heard the chirping songs of small, sweet birds as they flew from tree to tree and the cold rush of a babbling creek. I heard the work of a woodpecker and, dashing through the forest, made a vain attempt to find the busy bird and capture him in a photograph. However, he remained an elusive, phantom creature. I think now that it's better, more charming, that my memory of him be one of sound and melody, rather than in a picture.

I heard the winter wind sweeping across the evergreen treetops and the soft crunch of Sophie's paws leaving tracks in the leaves and snow. I could almost hear the footsteps of those who walked before us....strangers rambling through the trails an hour ago, a day ago, a year ago...footsteps through every season and almost always accompanied by joyful, spirited paw prints.

I listened today...and I heard a little piece of this life.

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LoMo said...

Sounds like you may have also heard a little peace.