Tuesday, November 25, 2008

learning to fly

On Monday nights, we dabble in the sport of agility. By dabble, I mean, we practice and train with spirit, but with lightheartedness....and never with the intensity or drive of actually competing. And do we ever have fun! Sophie is enthusiastic, fast and brilliant....and I am always slightly awe-struck.

It's amazing to teach a dog something as complicated as agility and to observe her thought process....to see her work it through. It's even more amazing to see her "get it" and to realize the connection you have just built with her. I think any sport or activity...agility, flyball, herding, tricks.....that you work at with your dog takes your relationship to a different level. You learn to appreciate what they are capable of...and what you are capable of.

There are some tough lessons along they way....lessons on patience, on communication, on perseverance, on limits and on love. And it's worth it....because one day, after all of those lessons, you will get to see your dog fly...and your own heart will soar.


Pam said...

Oh, look at her! I wish I could approach work with the same enthusiasm!

andrea said...

I love the black and white agility pictures.. that's awesome

I love agility and our Sally adores it with a passion I don't see in my small dogs. She is a great thinker too ...

nice to "meet" you