Friday, November 7, 2008

wcb - a joyful heart

A song came on the radio today that was light and fun and uplifting. I felt compelled to dance....right there alone in my kitchen. As I cranked up the volume and spun around, I saw Sophie and my cat, Elora, watching me intently with curious looks on their face.

I do not know if animals understand what it means to dance. But I have spied on Sophie, alone in the backyard, and caught her running, lightning fast, in wide figure eight loops, eyes gleaming, tail catching in the wind. And I have seen Elora bound, quickly and effortlessly, with silent grace over furniture and around corners chasing some invisible prey.

So, while they may not understand what it means to dance, I do believe they understand what it means to have joy in your heart....sometimes so much that you need to let it spill out in random, happy movement.

submission for weekend cat blogging, hosted by mind of mog


Anonymous said...

'I do believe they understand what it means to have joy in your heart....'
oh that's for sure, the little peanut my ever so joyful black lab has for a brain helps him feel only COMPLETE and utter joy in EVERY single moment. i wish he would feel the joy of just lying down sometimes!!!

Ron Centeno said...

ohhh! Sophie looks adorable. I have my own baby, Ginger is her name. She talks a lot. Sometimes I think she seriously understands what i tell her.They are the best friends we can ever have.