Sunday, December 21, 2008

wcb - the comfort of elora

A cat by nature is less demanding, less time consuming and less needy than a dog and Elora is no exception. But she is no less loved. Elora is my touchstone. She is constant and grounded and when I come home after a crazy day and she sits contently in my arms, so am I. We fell into the rituals we share naturally and easy, without training or planning or even conscious thought.

Our bond is wrapped around simply being together and I take enormous comfort in that. I take comfort in her.

contribution for weekend cat blogging, hosted by m-cats club.


Pam said...

She is so pretty! Cats are so calming, aren't they?

Everycat said...

This is a beautiful picture of Elora, so atmospheric!

Jan said...

Elora is beautiful. Is she mischievious or does she just sit and pose for pictures?

Carolynn said...

That describes my wonderful animal companion, Bear, as well. :o))