Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a favorite photo

One of my favorite's of Sophie...taken on the beach during a camping trip at Pinery this past summer. It may not be a great photo, but it is a perfect picture of Sophie....unkempt fur brushed with sand and water from Lake Huron; gazing peacefully, calmly towards the shoreline; taking deep breaths of fresh summer air with a sated, content border collie soul.

As I am learning more about photography, about composition and techniques, I am flipping through past pictures that I have taken, in order to critique myself and grow. However, in looking back at the photos, I am realizing that the ones that I saw first with my heart, and then with my this one of Sophie...are still more often than not my favorites.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Sometimes wet sandy Border Collies are the best! I draw the line at Muddy..Chance does that sometimes, but it does make me laugh out loud!
Are you going to join in on some of the challenges? I do challenges over on my photo blog. I have learned a lot.
Chance is so bored with me taking his picture, I swear he falls asleep sometimes.
I like your photo of Sophie very much! :)

Flower said...

It is interesting to see the photos that we matter what the composition is!
Your buddy is adorable!! My "Blue" could have some fun with your Sophie!