Friday, December 5, 2008

holiday magic

Tonight we walked Sophie down the main street of our little town. Every year they light up a huge, fresh Christmas tree in the main square, while carolers sing and hot apple cider is passed around. It has quickly become one of our favorite traditions during the holiday season. I looked around at the bright smiles, the flushed cheeks of my neighbors and I could feel the peace and the joy coming off them in soft, warm waves.

At that moment, it didn't matter that you spent an hour frustrated in traffic that morning, or that someone cut in front of you at the grocery store or that money may be tight, causing stress and worry at this gift giving time of year. That moment, for everyone, was about the ooh's and aah's of children as the hundreds of bright lights suddenly danced on the pine boughs of the tree; it was about genuine expressions of happiness that spread over people's faces as one mittened hand after another reached down to give Sophie a holiday pat; it was about old world values like belonging, the preservation of community, and good will towards all. We were strangers standing together...but holiday magic made us friends.


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Pam said...

That is so nice!