Tuesday, December 9, 2008

finding sirius

I have been thinking about this blog lately...it's only a month old at this point, so still new, still trying to find it's place in the world so to speak. I love putting together new posts...it has quickly become a favorite way to spend my time. I am also enjoying the blogging community...I could lose entire weekends visiting other blogs, relating to other writer's thoughts, learning something new.

I recently questioned the purpose of Finding Sirius. On my travels to other blogs, I realized that people have these great, wonderful stories to share....stories about sustainable living on rustic, country farms; stories about life in the big city that move along with the glamour and frenzy of a "Sex and the City" episode; stories about survival, about worldly adventures; stories about recipes, book reviews and technology. And then there is me.

I live a small life. I cherish it, love every minute of it, am grateful for it and it's important to me...but what could a visitor to my blog possibly take away from it that would be of any value to them? And if that's the case, then what is the purpose of Finding Sirius? I mulled it over for a few days and came up with this answer: It's for me.

I love to write. I am starting to fall in love with photography. Finding Sirius gives me the opportunity to work at both.

When I am walking with Sophie and I start to reflect on life and I feel a theme building, sometimes on the walk I only get as far with the muddy thought as realizing: "This is important...remember this feeling." It is often, not until I get home and start writing, that I am able to articulate, even mentally, what that reflection, that "a-ha!" moment really was...what true meaning it has. Finding Sirius helps me define and recognize those moments.

And one day...hopefully far, far in the future....I will not have my Sophie on walks with me anymore...but I will have this: all my writing; all my photos; all of her teachings; and all the stories of our adventures...to keep her with me forever. Finding Sirius is for her.

I am thrilled at all of the family and friends who have come along with us for the ride....both in life and as visitors to Finding Sirius. And I am so pleased that some of the blogging community members stop by and enjoy and relate to some of my content....especially Pam and Tatersmama: your visits and comments are so heartwarming and appreciated! It is always such a rush to get a new comment on a post...to realize that something I have written or a picture I have taken has made a connection with someone.

So while I created Finding Sirius for me, it continues to bring me great joy to share it with you.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Andrea! I am so glad you found me so I could find you! I have read some of what you wrote and I will be adding you to my blog roll, as I can tell already you and Sophie are going to be good friends of mine. I love what you write about Sophie..and Chance says HI!:)

Pam said...

I love your blog, the photos you take, and your sweet Sophie! Hey...you left me a comment asking about my camera. It's a Canon EOS Digital Rebel. Mine is older, I think there is a new one out now.

Jan said...

I love your photography and I will be following you. I came from Far Side. Welcome.

Carolynn said...

I started my blog as a way to track a list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days. It has gone through a number of transitions since then and, like you, I'm discovering my voice and tapping into my creative side with photography.

The blogging community is an amazing place. Glad to have you on board. I'll be adding you to my list of favourites.

You do have something very good to contribute. Don't underestimate your impact on the world.