Monday, December 1, 2008

full of friendship

This is the first of two posts on friendship. I did not write this weekend, but instead spent my time with friends...the very people who have given me the courage to write in the first place. Our friendships date back to high school, so we know each well. Our gatherings are full of stories, memories and comfort. They are also full with the laughter of their children.

It is an amazing gift to see my friends in their children. To see the things that I love about them pop up unexpectedly in a little girl's twirling; in a little boy's familiar gait; in a baby's gentle smile. I love when I catch those moments. Moments a stranger might miss, but that aged and dear friendships call out and allow to you tuck away with all your other memories until your heart is full.

A weekend full of friendship.....does it get any better than that?


Anonymous said...

you look like you're a good friend and loved....

Anonymous said...

She is, on both accounts.